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Terms of Use
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Site operators will be able to change these terms from time to time in their sole discretion. Site operators shall notify in advance and within a reasonable time these changes to the user through advertising and / or e-mail,
Discretion and to the circumstances. Your continued use of the website services would require user consent to these changes.
Clarify that only the provisions of this Agreement will require the operators of the website.
Continuity, availability and reliability of service
Site operators, "Cosmetics" - will be able to modify or terminate the provision of the site, its mechanisms, be given advance notice user or not, without them having any liability to any user and / or other third party in connection with termination / change service.
The operators are not guarantee that will meet all user requirements, or that the service will not be interrupted and / or will take place on time, safely and without error. Also, do not undertake site operators about the results that will be achieved as a result of manipulation of the site's services or the accuracy and reliability of the information which will be achieved through it.
Site operators will be entitled to terminate the membership of a particular user in their sole discretion. Site operators shall not be liable for any injury or any direct or indirect, financial or otherwise, caused to the user as a result of using the Site. The user is aware that all use he makes only responsibility is carried out on the site.
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Nevertheless, the site operators reserve the right to delete, edit, and omit content contrary to the procedures using the site, which is in their sole discretion. No decision by site operators to do so responsibility for the content on that were placed by them.
The site operators are not obligated to, and / or are responsible for directly or indirectly providing compensation randomly or specifically or compensation arising from the use of or inability to use the services of the website and as a result of entering without permission or change messages or user's data, even if informed operators of the possibility of such loss.
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User commitments
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The user will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password database. The user will be responsible for each action and the use that will be taken into account, user authority were made without his knowledge or not. The user undertakes to report immediately operators on any unauthorized use of his account, so that they may take the necessary steps to stop such use.
User agrees that operators have the right to send it to the email address provided with the registration site announcements and updates, including those that include advertising messages and / or commercial. Mail delivery will be subject to approval of the consumer who will be using the notation "V" Bdiskleimer suitable site on the submission details.
Customer acknowledges the signing of this agreement to receive messages and notifications about changes in the status invitation directly to your mobile phone (SMS).
This service is temporarily free product buyers at auction at a cost of NIS only to customers who purchase one product regular sale after approval of payment.
Photos product ad appearing on the site are for illustration purposes only.
The photos displayed on the site are for illustration purposes only.
In the case of a conflict or inconsistency: the words written product ad views prevail over the photo description.
In case of any discrepancy undertakes to inform the customer site displayed image gaps between actual item provided.
Search engine advertising information and / or price comparison sites
Site operators will not be liable in any way that advertising on their behalf, different search engines featuring links to online forums, including price comparison sites price comparison site Zap and price comparison mechanism that operate on behalf Ynet, TAPUZ, Yellow Pages, etc. ...
Responsibility for information published relates to it publishes "Cosmetics" on this site only.
It also should be noted that the technical information presented, under the responsibility of the supplier.

Responsibility for the product range will apply to suppliers of the products only.
It is recommended to keep the original invoice responsibility nearby annex.
Shipping fees are priced by the courier service price list / Northern leaders Sharona.
0-2 kg product weight (including packaging weight) - Free Shipping
Goods weighing 2-19 kg (including the weight of the package) - 79-790 NIS
Goods weighing 2-19 kg (including the weight of the packaging) Delivery apply - NIS 850
Goods weighing more than 20 kg (including the weight of the package) - According to a quote.
Shipping charges apply to products sent back to the warehouse from the customer if the customer chose to send the product with the apostles service it operates "Cosmetics".
And / or in the event of cancellation of a transaction (this cost is the cost of delivery to the customer if not otherwise paid even if it was noted that the shipping is free within the price of the order)
Cancellation of a transaction
Notice of cancellation of a transaction for any reason will be using the contact form on the site computer, a phone call to a service center, a written notice, or a fax.
Right of cancellation of a transaction under the law applies to 14 days of receipt of the product or document disclosure whichever is the later.
Transaction cancellation fees will be subject to the Consumer Protection Act and will be charged If canceled not because of a defect or inconsistency between the disclosure document product and product specifications.
Cancellation fees will be about 5% or NIS 100 whichever is less.
Obligation to return the company's warehouse product / supplier is the client
Canceling a transaction not due to a defect or inconsistency, the product will return at the expense of the consumer.
If canceled transaction due to a defect or inconsistency-return of the product will make the company's expense.
If canceled transaction due to a defect or inconsistency, no cancellation fees apply.
If canceled transaction not due to a defect or inconsistency, cancellation fees will be 5% or lower of NIS 100.
Product will be returned to the extent reasonably possible or original packaging.
You can not undo the following transactions: products manufactured specifically for the consumer, and products started.
Please note:
Deal unilaterally canceled by the operators of the website,
Within two weeks of receiving an invitation to the database or tried three attempts after contact with the customer through two of the following media:
Email, mobile and regular phone, fax, snail mail letter.
You can always use the customer portfolio, "Order Details Order Status should be noted, including the status message was left, after an authentication details.
Site operators choose at their discretion, regular sales, small and large verify details with some clients, so a reservation is valid even without confirmation by phone from the consumer
Website Sales / "Cosmetics" reserve the right to exclude, temporarily or permanently, the participation of offering suggestions and / or perform orders if the Company believes,
RSS Prices
Are made all the time to ensure the customer the lowest price. These changes require human labor, against the strenuous and difficult management interface on the computer. If human error was only exceeded, typing error, omission book. "Cosmetics" represent and warrant, such errors can only be done, in good faith, and to see them as human errors. And there was doubt about a product / certain price, if you find a mistake or another, immediately call the customer service department via email, or call 058-627-4000.
Prices on the site
Ordinary sales are final, including VAT.

Charge status of the charge, and Checkout by conditions at the site of delivery type.
Consumer Responsibility for all your actions account
In the event that a message consumer site abuse made in his account, from the moment the message in his account of your actions will not charge.
"Cosmetics" and / or representatives acting on their behalf shall not be responsible for delays in the supply of products and / or services resulting from circumstances beyond their control.
Including: communication system failures, telephone or computer, events of force majeure, strikes, slowdowns, natural disasters, emergencies economy, war, etc ...
In these circumstances specified or otherwise not based on "Cosmetics" - in this case the company will notify the customer and allow him to choose between standby product or cancellation of the transaction and receipt of money back.
Also note that we do not undertake to supply products to the residents of the communities that have the problem of access for security reasons - in this case can be arranged meeting point near the place of residence (the meeting point applies to transport freight cost standard).
Delivery at a later date specified - Customers will be able to store products Bmhsnno. If a customer asks for product storage and product delivery at a specific time, will begin business days from the date requested. And the original order date.
All operations are while supplies last, and may be unilateral break at any time.
If a particular product posted a gift, but ran out of stock - "Cosmetics" immediately remove the site undertake the operation.
All rights reserved

You may not copy, reproduce, photograph, translate, record, transmit, receive and / or stored in a database in any way and / or mechanical means, digital, optical, magnetic and / or other - any part of the information and / or articles and / or pictures and / or illustrations and / or other content that came with and / or included on this website, whether for internal use and / or commercial use.

Any use of content without the express written permission blend Ulpanat strictly prohibited.


The purpose of the article and the explanations provided on this website is to provide information about different products and ways of working with them. Many efforts were made to make the articles to be complete and reliable as possible, but do not imply any warranty. Information is provided "as-is' ('as-is'). "Cosmetics" are not responsible for any individual or organization for any loss and / or damage that is caused, if any, of the information on this site, or the content embedded and / or linked to it.

Trade names

Product and service names mentioned on the website in general and in the particular articles, are trade names (R) (TM), of their companies. "Cosmetics" did their best to provide information about trade names mentioned on this site, and specify the names of the companies, products and services. Registered trade names (registered trademarks) respectively and noted the names of companies that are sold on the site.
Exclusive jurisdiction in any matter or dispute relating to services on the site will be in the Beersheba District Court.