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Gold plate mask 24K

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Gold plate mask 24K

Golden Mask dead sea cosmetics, Court of 24-carat gold, giving the skin a smoother, radiant and youthful. In the mask gold stimulates the regeneration of skin cells mmckim. The gold also retains the moisture within the skin, keeping skin collagen and elastin prevents crumbling. The mask also clarifies sunspots and age spots. Other active compounds increase blood circulation that nourishes the cells and the result – replenished, healthy and soft. The mask enriched with vitamins antioxidants C, A and E to help prevent dehydration and premature aging of the skin. In addition, the cream also contains collagen and Omega 3 soft appearance, young and flexible.

Directions: apply to clean face tonic of dead sea products and OFFER PADI marketing. Spread with spatula medium layer of the mask on face and massage gently. Avoid the eye area. Suspend 10-5 minutes and then remove the mask with attached block. The block must be held close to the skin (rarely touches) and remove back and forth movements. On the block remove the mask. After you removed the mask and left only the gold layer, clean the skin with lotion cleaning of dead sea products and OFFER PADI marketing. Finally, rinse your face and dry on gentle Pats. To use 1-2 times a week.

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